The Consultation Series: Part 1

The Consultation Series: Part 1

The Consultation




I wanted to take some time here and do a series on the consultation. To me this is one of the most exciting parts of a personal training business because you are about to completely step into someone else’s world and see how you can help them. As you read, please remember that I am NOT saying this is the ONLY way that consultations should be done. This is just A way, but through this way is how I  grew my own training business, so take it for what it’s worth. Sit back, relax, enjoy the read and make it your own. My hope is not for you to repeat this exact script but to create something that you get excited about and help you in this elusive area called “The Consultation.”


 The Overlooked Subject

One of the most overlooked subjects taught in the process of becoming a successful personal trainer is the consultation. This is when you take a prospect and turn them into a paying client. By the end of this series you will be able to increase your closing rate on each consultation and in turn become a personal trainer with a waiting list of people to train with you.

When starting your business as a personal trainer, you may notice that no matter how good your business plan is or how many people come in the door from marketing, “If they don’t pay you, you’re not growing your business.”

What’s Your Roadblock


Let’s take a close look at how to turn prospects into actual paying costumers. A major roadblock for many trainers out there is not what questions to ask or how to motivate people to start working out. It is “Asking for the Money.” There is a fear in many people in asking for someone to pay them for their services. Have you ever noticed how easy it may be for you to recommend or even sell someone else’s product or service, but when it comes to yours you will give it away? Why is it so hard to accept a fee for something that you give a service for? Could it be that you don’t believe in what you are doing? Or could it be that you just don’t think you are “professional” enough or “know” enough to actually charge for working someone out? Whatever that fear may be, you must find it and crush it right away, otherwise you can use all the systems and sales techniques you want with little results. You must believe in what you are doing. It has to be a part of who you are. The more that happens in your life, the easier it will be to talk to people about hiring you as a personal trainer. They will want to be around you. Believing in who you are as a person will not only make it easier to conquer the fear of asking for money, but it will take away the feeling of rejection when someone says no to you, and that will happen.

Taking Action


Homework for this week: pinpoint your fears in this area and overcome them. Also if you have other friends that are in the fitness industry, feel free to share this with them as we will continue to dive into the subject. There just might be something in this series that will take the lid off their current thinking and help them get to the next level.


Making a Difference