Am I SuccessFul?

Am I SuccessFul?



How would you define being a successful trainer?

Recently I got a text from a personal trainer in Colorado asking, “How would you define being a successful trainer?”


My first internal thought was, how am I to answer this in a text? I mean so much goes into “being a successful trainer” that there is no way I can possibly give a decent answer to his question right?


Define It!

Then I looked at the question again and noticed the word DEFINE. He wasn’t asking me how to BE a successful trainer he was asking me to define what I thought a successful trainer would look like.


Mental Rolodex

That started me on my mental rolodex of all the trainers that I know who I think are successful. Asking myself the question, “Why do I think they are successful?” Was it the money? The way they looked? How many clients they had? That they are great at marketing?


It didn’t seem to be any of those, all of the trainers I was thinking about I feel are successful but they all have a different mold. I’ll tell you what I mean by that.


Some Train Professional Athletes, Some Train For Free.

Some of the trainers have a full clientele, some have only a few, some train professional athletes and olympians while others train clients for free. I know of some trainers right now that are over seas using their fitness to be able to share their faith, and they have to pay their own way to get there.



Bring It Home Earl.

So what ties all of these trainers together and how do I determine who is successful or not? By this simple definition from Earl Nightingale:


Definition of success


“Progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

The one thing that ties all of these trainers together is that they know their purpose. They set out to become “someone” to do something “specific” whether that is to earn a large income in the fitness industry or to use it as a medium to share their faith.


Either way they set a goal based on their core beliefs and are walking it out. That is how I define what it is to “Be a successful trainer.”



Great Now What?

Some of you are saying, “Ok that’s great but how do I actually find my true purpose as a trainer?” To that I say, “Take the challenge” yup I said it, another challenge.


In a previous post I shared with you the 30 Day Challenge that will change your life. If you haven’t read that I suggest you do so now. Till then I will give you a little homework to get started.


Get Out Your Pen and Paper

List all the things that you want out of your personal training business. Get out a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Dream big, Be real, Write it out.



Till next time:


“Stay In Touch, Stay Connected, Stay Fit”


William Becvar



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