Finding Your Passion In Life.

Finding Your Passion In Life.


30 Day Challenge




How It All Started

The 30 Day Challenge is something that I created based off the many books and programs that teach on goal setting. We all know that goal setting is something that we should all do, but I kept running into road blocks with my goal setting strategies. You see as I would write out my goals and start to plan out how I was going to achieve them, I would start wondering if this is really what I want deep down or if I just think it would be something cool to have. As I grew older and started having a family I felt as though my purpose in life was changing, therefore my goals would change right? From there I started to notice that I needed something solid to stand on as my goals and purpose in life grew bigger and bigger. I needed a source of Life to draw from when things didn’t seem to be going in the right direction, a place to go back to and “check in” making sure this is the right path for me. While going through this process I noticed that the bigger my goals and purpose got the more I would hear, “You can’t do that, cause you are unqualified.” So to cancel those thoughts out I started writing out the complete opposite of what I would hear: “I can do this, I am a writer, I am creative, I am disciplined, I am fit, etc” They became my daily affirmations. As this all started to form for me I also noticed that most successful people that I followed had a bucket list. This at the time was foreign to me, but I noticed that it looked like fun, no rhyme or reason to it just a list that you would like to do someday. This allowed for me to engage in my imagination like when I was a kid and I have a blast with that one.


Within 30 Seconds It All Came Together

As I was sitting and writing in my journal one day all these programs were going through my head. One program says to focus only on the positive things in your life for 30 days, the other says write down the things you want on one page and things you don’t want on another page. Then there were some who say bucket lists are good and some say they are goofy. It was a moment of confusion right before my moment of clarity. With an audible voice I asked, “How do I make sense of all this?” Then within 30 seconds it all came together as like I had known it all along and that is how this 30 Day Challenge was born.

How It Works

Here is how it works, the goal is to write your answers to the questions below for  30 consecutive days. This would mean that you cannot skip even one day, lets say you get to day seven and you miss day eight, well then you start over at day one until you complete all 30 days. There is power in writing, therefore writing down daily what you want out of life and what you are called to do is extremely powerful. By doing this challenge I guarantee that once completed you will be completely transformed.

One more thing I would like to touch on before you get started. As you make your list and start to dream again, it is vital that you DO NOT share this with ANYONE. The are many reasons why and I will share two of them with you.

  1. Keeping the fire burning inside you:
    1. By keeping your purpose and crazy goals within creates a furnace inside you. There will be times that you want to tell everyone what you are going to do and you probably will, I mean your only human. But the more that you tell people these things the more air you are letting out hence dampening the fire within that is driving you. Fire needs oxygen to burn, so protect your list like it’s the fuel for your fire and watch your passion ignite.
  2. People close to you know where you’ve been:
    1. Those closest to you may not understand what change is going on inside you, all they know is what you have done in the past. They may say things out of love that would deter you from moving forward. It is extremely vital that in the beginning of this journey you avoid those conversations that may discourage you like that. Even if they don’t say anything but you see a look on their face or you can tell by their body language they don’t believe it can be accomplished, those are things that you mentally record. Then when you are tired from a long day, or things aren’t going your way, those moments will flash in your head. It’s best to not even allow them to happen.

Let’s Get Going Already

Ok I think you get the point, for those of you that take the 30 Day Challenge I would love to hear from you once completed. Comment below or email me and let me know what amazing things were accomplished by this simple but not easy challenge. I believe that one day I will be reading your book, or taking your class.

30 Day Challenge:

  1. Verse/Quote
  2. Goals/Vision
  3. Purpose In Life
  4. Affirmations
  5. Bucket List


You may pick a new verse or quote each day or find one that you want to make as your own during this challenge. You will be writing words of life for 30 days straight, that alone will change your life.


This one you will write down and unlimited amount of things that you want or would like to achieve. There is nothing to big or to small and this list can grow as time goes as on. Sometimes you will realize that by writing them everyday you may have some things on the list that you realize you really don’t care about so they get booted from the list. It is important that you have a no limits mentality while making this list.

Purpose In Life:

This may take some time to actually dial in but you must write something everyday. It may start out pretty vague but as time goes on you will notice it starts to become laser focussed and nothing can take you away from your life’s purpose. You will start making decisions by asking if this is going to bring you closer or farther away from your purpose in life. Things will just start “falling” into place and God will show you things you didn’t even know existed.


This will be important for the mere fact that you are writing about becoming something or someone that you are currently not walking out. People that know you may not think some of the things you want to accomplish are possible, therefore you must renew your mind daily. An example would be if you are sixty pounds over weight and you are writing that you are going to be a successful personal trainer, the people closest to you who have known you your whole life will have a hard time believing this. They will say things “out of love” that would get you off track unless you are constantly programing yourself to speak life and not doubt. To help you get started, write or say all the negatives that come to your mind. These seem to come out easier for some reason, then take those and make it into an “I Can, I Will, I Am” kinda thing. Like me for example; I went all through school with English as my worst and hated subject, I mean I would literally sweat just going to class. Therefore I battle daily with writing so one of my affirmations is “I am a writer” followed by “I am creative” and so on.

Bucket List:

This one should be fun and will get you to not think about things that you can get done in a month or two but what you want to accomplish in your lifetime. An example of one of my bucket list is building water wells in a 3rd world country, bringing living water to where there once was none. This will also show my children that what we live for is not ourselves.

“Time Waits For No One!”

So the choice is up to you, the next 30 days will happen whether you do anything or not. To quote one of my good friends and mentors, “Time waits for no one!” LOL I can totally hear his voice when I write that. What he means is that no matter what reason you have for not completing something, even if it’s a legit reason, it’s still not getting done.

I believe that if you are having a hard time with truly knowing what you are to do in the next season of your life then this 30 Day Challenge will serve you greatly.

Can’t wait to hear your success stories, read your books, watch your videos or enroll in your class. Till then continue moving forward and Making A Difference not only in your life but the lives of others.


Making A Difference